Our emotions and animal instincts are part of who we are.

How can we make sense of it better? How can nations be aware of this and uphold humanity? Does Southeast Asia have a role in elevating our consciousness?

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Join the discourse of Yuval Noah Harari and Mark Solms on the cause of the flooding rage in society, the 'hidden' missing piece of the advancement of science and technology, and the future fate of humanity — hosted by Gita Wirjawan, a proud Indonesian, educator, and entrepreneur.


Gita introduces the guests

1. Brain, Mind, & Its Evolution

02:46 - Brain vs mind

They’re just two different perspectives upon the same thing.” —Mark Solms

03:10 - Mark: “What’s interesting about the mind is that we assume that not everything in the universe has the perspective, the capacity, to be able to register its own states.”